Whether you’ve been a sneakerhead your whole life or you’re just starting to really get into the world of shoes, you’ve probably wondered about the types of sneakers that exist in the world. With so many new shoes being created, it can be a bit hard to keep up.

That being said, you’re determined to get answers on what you want to know. But with so many different sneakers, it can be a bit confusing to know where to start.

Luckily, you won’t have to be lost any longer. This article goes over the different types of sneakers that you need to know about Keep reading to find out more!

The High-Top Basketball Sneakers Are Popular Types of Sneakers

Everyone – and we do mean everyone – has either owned or at least seen the high-top basketball sneaker. They’ve become extremely popular over the last few years, and their growth shows no sign of stopping.

High-top basketball sneakers are exactly what they sound like. The tops of the sneakers are high enough to cover your socks, and they’re designed to make you fast on the court and keep you looking good off of the court.

Plimsoll Sneakers Show off Your Style

Plimsoll sneakers have a fun look to them that’s just perfect for warmer seasons. The sneaker is low-topped (hence why they’re also known as low-top sneakers) and tends to be thin.

These shoes are easily the most popular out of the sneaker types, and can make a fashion statement with a wide variety of styles. Put on a pair of no-shows and start trying out a new outfit.

Slip-On Sneakers Are Perfect for a Lazy Day

When you aren’t feeling like tying your shoes, there’s really only one way to go: the slip-on sneakers. These sneakers have been around for a while, and are still the go-to choice for chill vibes.

As the name suggests, there are no shoelaces; you just slide your feet into the shoes and keep it pushing. Low cut socks or going barefoot is your best bet when wearing these impressive shoes.

Canvas Sneakers: Longstanding Fashion of the Millennials

Ever had a pair of Converses, AKA “Chucks” or “All-Stars”? If so, you owned a pair of canvas sneakers. These shoes have been popular since their creation, even seeing playtime in sports like the NBA.

Canvas sneakers can be paired with pretty much anything you can throw at it, but what makes them truly unique is how you can actually customize them like you would an actual art canvas. Because of this, many people get their canvas sneakers customized with all kinds of cool art.

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The Different Types of Sneakers Explained