The Ultimate Multitasker
The fuller brush also acts as a lash curler and builds volume. You can also use the wands separately; the thicker brush is very helpful when it comes to de-clumping, especially for longer wear.
Image: @beautenotions

No matter how great the current mascara is in our makeup bag, we’ll never stop looking for a more voluminous one. And Beauténotions obviously gets that, because it just launched the type of mascara you’ve probably only dreamed about.

The Two-Wand Miracle
Beauténotions Immaculash 360, $35 at Beauténotions
The Beauténotions Immaculash 360 features a dense brush with thicker bristles that works wonderfully when it comes to evenly splitting lashes and providing a dense coat. The smaller brush coats the tiny lash hairs on your lower lines. But when you apply the two wands simultaneously, it gives a polished and dimensional look.

The Beauténotions’ @beautenotions Immaculash 360 mascara has two brushes — yes, two separate brushes you can apply at once for maximum volume or use individually for a dense and even application. The dual wands are designed specifically to coat both sides of your lashes, automatically providing greater coverage.

The Precise Maneuvering
Getting mascara to inner lashes or both sides of upper lashes is tricky — and messy when you’re in a rush. The Beauténotions Immaculash 360 has a skinnier wand, which can reach your inner eye and seamlessly coat your lower lash line. When you clamp the two brushes together, that’s when you get the volume evened out.
Image: @beautenotions

If you want some quick-fix drama makeup and are scared of mascara blunders, this two-wand solution could come in handy.