Timo Weiland Men F15 (14)NEW YORK, Feb 19, 2015/ — Taking part in Menswear Day on February 11th at Industria Studio, Timo Weiland proposed classic cuts in trousers, long coats, sweaters, and shirts for Fall 2015.

The design trio behind the label Timo Weiland (Alan Eckstein, Timo Weiland, and Donna Kang) was inspired by the art of Robert Frank; specifically the photographer’s work observed in The American’s.

The post-war era photography, from the late 1950’s showcased, or rather drew attention to, the lives of the rich and the poor in their respective environments.

The designers emulated the resulting contrast in their Fall 2015 collection. Time period in mind, the collection features window plane plaids in shades of grey, dark blues, black, and pops of color green, pink, and taupe.

Design elements that have become signature for the brand are also present in the collection with color blocked shirts, wools, and zippers.

The time period of the designers inspiration is also central to the brand identity because the 1950’s also birthed “The Beat Generation,” where music, and it’s culture, is nearly the core of the Timo Weiland brand.

Every piece in Timo Weiland Fall 2015 can be taken off the lookbook and transplanted into post-war era, rebellious, born to be wild America, in a seamlessly timeless fashion.

Photos courtesy of Timo Weiland