The kaftan’s flowing look is flattering, making it great for all occasions. Unlike what most people think, kaftans are not just for the pool or beach. Although it works amazing for these moments, a kaftan can offer so much more! You can turn heads with this unique clothing ensemble no matter where you go. You can style it for a formal event or the office. All you need to do is work it, girl! Here some tips to help you make the most out of the unique kaftan in your wardrobe.

Pick the Material

Kaftans come in many different fabrics. The type of material you choose will make it appropriate for a specific occasion. A cotton or linen kaftan is more casual, so you can wear them for errands or chill out gathering with friends. Silk ones will go best for formal events because they sparkle, shimmer, and shine. Georgette and rayon are your best bet for the office because they carry a more professional vibe. Sheer fabrics will work with your bikini. You can also utilise the see-through material as an overlay for your tank top and shorts for a casual day.

Choose the Appropriate Length

These flowing pieces come in various lengths from short to maxi-dress versions. A medium-length kaftan will work well for the office or your day at the mall if you pair it with leggings. Toning down the print with black leggings is always a good idea. A shorter length will work with slim-fit jeans, cigarette pants, or shorts. Just pick the bottom that will be appropriate for where you are going. A long kaftan is the most ideal for more formal functions like a cocktail office event or a beach wedding.

Pair with the Proper Bag

Since this style of clothing has a very loose fit, it can look quite overpowering. You can balance your look and create harmony; a smaller purse will pair better. If you are wearing it to an evening or formal affair, a clutch will be ideal because this quaint bag has a more elegant vibe. Just make sure your bag matches the tones of your dress.

Match with the Perfect Shoes

When it comes to styling your kaftan, you can’t forget what’s in your feet. You can actually wear them with anything from sandals to heels. The choice is yours, depending on what look you are trying to go for! If you are in the office, nude heels or ballet flats will look great. In a beach wedding, a wedge or embellished thongs will be more appropriate. Some aim for a casual vibe and even pair it with sneakers. The design combos are endless…

Adorn with the Right Accessories

Finally, to complete your look, you need accessories. If you are going for a formal affair, fine jewellery will make your outfit look more sleek and sophisticated. However, note that if your kaftans are already embellished with sequins, embroidery, or other beads, you may need to take it easy.

The key is finding the right balance! You want to avoid looking like an over-the-top Christmas tree, so don’t overdo things. However, if your kaftan is not so loud, you can opt for long neck pieces, stacked bangles, or interesting earrings. You can also style your kaftan with a belt if you wish. The key is finding elements you are comfy with so you can wear your kaftan with confidence.