Tattoos are the form of body art, and it is more common among the people, especially teens. Nearly four in ten teens have a tattoo, yet the ink used for this purpose is still somewhat stigmatized.

Body art fascinates people, but at the same time, they are linked with health risks, which most of us ignore and end up with severe skin problems. Almost two in five regrets to have tattoos because of their association with several health issues. I interviewed many people who got tattoos they regret because they got them when they were young with little or no research.

So if you are planning to get a tattoo and want to know their possible health and skin risks, you don’t need to research. We have gathered all information, including their potential risks. Plus, the difference between both temporary and permanent tattoos.

1. Temporary Tattoos

The temporary tattoos are less hazardous as compared to permanent tattoos. When you get a temporary tattoo, the ink is applied only at the outermost layer of the skin. As the ink is applied only at the outer skin layer, it does not damage your skin as severe as permanent tattoos do. Moreover, your skin keeps on losing cells and shedding due to which pigment will eventually fade away.

Today, people are more in love with temporary tattoos. Getting a tattoo is exciting and fun at the same time they can pose different skin problems. So you need to look for the tattoo artist who follows all the safety protocols. To that end, visit here for custom temporary tattoo.

2. Permanent Tattoos

These tattoos even last until you age, yet it does not mean that they are not prone to fade. Their colors also fade with time, but they don’t entirely go away. And if you want to remove permanent tattoos, you need laser treatment for this.
Getting permanent tattoos is painful; also, when you come to remove the pigment through laser treatment is a painful procedure.

3. Differences

Both permanent and temporary tattoos look the same, but the procedure is different for both. Moreover, the cost of permanent tattoos depends highly on the design and size. They are considered comparably costly. When you get permanent tattoos, you endure more pain as compared to the temporary one.

Temporary tattoos, on the other hand, are not costly. You don’t endure much pain because it is only applied through stickers, paints, or brushes. And there are fewer risks and hazards involved in this process. And you can easily remove them

4. Health Risks of permanent Tattoos

You may not know that when you get tattoos, they rupture the skin and can cause a wide variety of complications like ink allergies, skin infections, Hepatitis, Skin cancer, and many more. So always consider where you get a tattoo. Make sure the instruments are sterile, and the tattoo parlor management is following all safety protocols. This can lower the risk of bacterial infections and other potential

5. Precautions for Tattoos

When you go to get a tattoo, you need to check these things:

  • Ensure the tattoo artist washes the hand and wears a fresh pair of gloves.
  • Check if the artist is using the new equipment and considering all the cleaning protocols.
  • Make sure the artist has sterilized the non-disposable instruments.