Yuna Yang F14 (1)Inspired by the Miao culture in southwest China, Yuna Yang named her collection “Butterfly Mother”, which according to Miao culture is “Mai Bing”, a personified butterfly who laid the eggs that eventually led to the creation of the local peoples.

Interpreting that in fashion terms, Yuna Yang took elements from the Miao’s traditional embroidery, weaving, paper-cutting, batik and jewelry casting and used them to create modern fashion that combines the couture looks with casual everyday wears.

From an extremely colorful ethnic looks, the Korean-born, Central Saint Martin trained designer transformed them into simple art which evoked mountains, rivers, trees and other inanimate objects, all of which are part of the Miao’s spirit.

By doing so, the collection became a statement of restrained romantic extravagance and thus Yuna Yang either by accident or design defined a new facet of the “East meets West” theme.

Photos by Charles Roussel; courtesy of Yuna Yang