Known for his historic bent on fashion, Ziggy Chen once again wowed the Paris fashion set with his Fall/Winter 2020-21 collection wherein he blended the sartorial savoir-faire with a contemporary attitude.

Aptly titled “Blending,” Ziggy Chen was inspired by the historic Shanghai architecture. He used fabric that echo the time-worn weathered patina of the bricks and stones. Then with his transcultural sensibility, Ziggy Chen then reconciled and recalibrated the colliding forces of east and west, tradition and modernity, past and present.

The result, jackets, trousers, outerwear, down jackets and knitwear have a rawness and durability quality to it yet there was also softness and elegance cleverly blended into the silhouettes.

This approach revisits the rule of industrialization to redefine the landscape of what is commonly accepted as old or new.

Textiles are developed and sourced from selected mills around the world and brought to Shanghai where the creation occurs. Fabrics such as wool, baby-cashmere and linen are cleverly mixed with silk and fine cotton to craft organic unique pieces.

Meticulous exploration and experimentation ensure that each sartorially engineered piece carefully considers full anatomical comfort conforming to the nuances of different individual bodies.

The strong sense of lineage and heritage is not just a mere nostalgia for vintage but is a tension towards a certain timelessness that counterbalances the constant shifting and superficiality of contemporary society.

Photos courtesy of Ziggy Chen