10x10AnItalianTheory_FW1516_ItalianBeakfast_IMG_7229On Feb 28, 2015 in Milan, Alexander Enriquez presented a new interpretation of his philosophy, the theory of Italianità that sees fashion once again linked to the world of food.

After the “Dough”, the muse of the last season, the theme for Fall 2015 is “Breakfast in Italian squares “.

Prints inspired by Italian pastry, coffee accompanied by the typical cakes made in Italy – cassata, croissants, cantucci, baci di dama and all sorts all Italian delicacie found their way in shirts, dresses, skirts and blouses.

High-waisted denim jeans and denim jackets also made their appearance together with outerwear in colorful plush 3D effect wool cashmere.

Photos courtesy of Alessandro Enriquez