Tanzanite is like no other gem that you will ever lay your eyes on or hands-on. This unique gem, while beautiful, has a lot of hidden facts about it that people aren’t aware of. If you’re someone looking to get your hand on something like tanzanite gemstones, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’re going to find a variety of facts about tanzanite that you never even knew. When you’re done reading not only are you going to have all these facts about tanzanite, but you’re also going to be shopping for your tanzanite jewelry.

1. Where Can I Find It?

While there are several places in the world that gemstones can be found, tanzanite only can be found in one place. The fact that you can only find it in one place takes its uniqueness from a 5 to beyond a 10. When on the hunt for this gem, you’d have to travel to the Mererani Hills.

If you’re not quite sure where that is, take out your maps or get on google because you’d have to go all the way to Northern Tanzania to find the place where these gemstones are nestled.

2. Scratch Resistance

Scratch resistance is a crucial factor when anyone is looking to purchase jewelry such as tanzanite rings. The reason being is that people want their jewelry to be able to withstand the tests of time and look just as beautiful fifty years from now as it did on the day that you purchased it.

When tanzanite’s measured on the Moh scale, it ranks around a 6-7 for hardness, making it extremely resistant to scratches and cracking.

3. Multi-Color Gem

Most gems might give off a color when shown in the light, but what about a gem that gives a variety of colorful hues. The tanzanite gem gives off not one, not two, but three different colors when it shines in all its glory.

The ability to do this is known as trichroic therefore adding even more value to its already rare title.

4. Deeper or Lighter Color

Speaking of color, there is something else you should know when it comes to the unique color that tanzanite has. The deeper the color of the tanzanite, the more valuable it is.

And to get its signature color, it’s got to be heated to more than 500 degrees Celsius before the color begins to shine through.

Tanzanite Gemstones: Rare and Beautiful

Tanzanite gemstones are hard to find but worth it once you do. There are tons of things you may not have known about the gem, like where it’s found and how many colors it gives off once it’s shining in the sun.

Why wouldn’t you want to have one to call your own? As exciting as this way, we know that you’d love to read some other posts, and that’s why we’re encouraging you to continue scrolling through this section now.