Supreme has revealed new  Accessories.
There is really something for everyone. Are you a pool enthusiast?  No problem, for you there is the Pool Cue with the McDermott brand. If you want a good coffee, rigorously Italian, Supreme has created a moka in collaboration with Bialetti.   The leading company in the Moka sector. If instead you play basketball, in collaboration with Nike and NBA will be released a headband and a wristband in three different colors but if you prefer the sea, the Snorkel Set is perfect.  For those who love kitsch furniture an accessory not to be lost is certainly the Hand-Painted Porcelain Cupid Figurine and made with Meissen porcelain. For those who hike, the camo hammock is highly recommended. But the most hyped piece will certainly be the Session Studio Select Drum Set in collaboration with Pearl.
As usual it will be very difficult to get our hands on the most desired accessories, good luck!