A handmade piece of jewelry comes straight from the artisan’s mind. You won’t find that same creativeness and beauty in mass-produced jewelry. Handmade fashion jewelry is a great way to support local artists and small businesses. Buying handmade jewelry is like voting with your dollar for values you care about in our society.

handmade jewelry
Courtesy Pexels / Thirdman

It’s Unique

The artisan will create the jewelry using their hands, intuition, and little instruments to turn a piece of metal into a beautiful and unique work of art. The process can take hours, days, or even weeks. During the process, the artisan will change designs and try out different ideas until they find the perfect one. Because of this, no two pieces are ever the same.

This gives the piece a personal touch that a mass-produced jewelry company cannot replicate. You can feel connected to the piece, its creator, and its story. It’s like the difference between an original painting and a poster print of that same piece. Locally-made jewelry is a great gift idea for someone special. The artisan will likely use local products, materials, and people in their business to help support the community. This also helps to cut down on any unethical business practices by larger companies that may be concerned with only the bottom line. This will usually be stated somewhere on their website. 

It’s Meaningful

When you buy handmade jewelry, you know a person has put love, care, and hours into this piece of art. It is much more meaningful than buying jewelry from a big box store. This also means the jewelry will be more likely to hold its value over time. You can find high-quality, handmade jewelry made from precious metals that will last a long time and still look as good in 20 years as it does now. You can also feel good knowing you support local artists and small businesses when you purchase handmade jewelry for a good cause. This is important because large companies neglect ethics and sustainability concerns in favor of profits. When you support a smaller company, you communicate to the market what you value as a consumer, which can change how other businesses operate. The more people that shop for handmade jewelry, the better. This helps create a more sustainable economy that is good for everyone involved.

It’s High Quality

Buying handmade jewelry is often much higher quality than mass-produced jewelry. This is because lone jeweler typically makes handmade jewelry with total design control over each piece they produce. The artisan will spend hours, days, or even weeks creating the perfect jewelry piece and will take extra care to ensure the details are just right. This means that when you buy a piece of handmade jewelry, you get a high-quality keepsake that will last a lifetime. Artisans also have a strong relationship with their metal and stone suppliers and will only use high-quality materials. This ensures that your jewelry won’t break apart or turn your skin green (like cheap, nickel-filled mass-produced jewelry does). Whether you’re looking for a gift for yourself or someone else, a piece of handmade jewelry is the way to go. It tells a story of the artist’s passion, love, and dedication, and it’s a great way to show that you care. It’s a great way to support an artisan and their family. They deserve to be rewarded for their hard work!

It’s Eco-Friendly

Many large jewelry companies are concerned with their profit margin and cut costs wherever possible, meaning they often need to improve the materials’ quality. When purchasing handmade jewelry, you can rest assured that your jewelry is crafted with high-quality, ethically sourced materials. Artisan-made jewelry is also better for the environment than mass-manufactured pieces. Artisans can use unique materials, mixing metals and avoiding hidden hard metals that can cause allergic reactions in wearers. Also, because of their ability to avoid the need for casting, handmade jewelry makers can accomplish more delicate designs and finer bands than larger manufacturers can. Another great thing about buying handmade jewelry is that you are supporting local artisans and small businesses in a capitalistic society, where money talks, and where you spend your dollars is a way to communicate your values. Supporting handmade jewelry conveys that you believe more sustainably and ethically in doing business.

It’s Affordable

When you buy handmade jewelry, you know that your purchase is helping to support a small business. In addition, this jewelry style tends to be more affordable than its mass-produced counterpart. This is because artisan jewelers have lower overhead expenses. They don’t have to pay for things like marketing professionals or IT staff, which can make mass-produced jewelry much more expensive. Artisans also care about their customers and want to ensure they’re satisfied with their purchases. They also won’t settle for low-quality materials, so you can be sure your handmade jewelry will last a long time and look beautiful. Handmade jewelry is a great choice for anyone looking for unique pieces that are meaningful and sustainable. It’s a great way to show someone you love them and can be a wonderful gift for any occasion.