7 High-End Clothing Brands Redefining Ethical LuxuryThe fashion industry is full of unique and innovative designers.

Fashion isn’t about having the best-looking clothes. It’s about setting yourself apart from others and making a positive impact. Sustainable fashion designers are changing the way that others think of fashion.

Traditional fashion brands in the past have used animal products and didn’t mind using things like plastic in their products. Sustainable products are environmentally friendly, promote social justice and gender equality.

Read on to learn about 7 sustainable brands that develop high-end clothing brands.

1. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is the daughter of Paul McCartney, a former member of the band The Beatles. Stella is one of the best sustainable designers, offering a variety of recycled and natural fabrics.

Her products consist of luxurious vegan and vegetarian clothing and perfumes that don’t use animal products. The footwear is made of biodegradable rubber, her Falabella bags are made of recycled bottles, and the cashmere in her sweaters use recycled wool.

Her animal rights activism goes further than her clothing line, as she actively promotes living a meatless and dairy-free lifestyle. She’s also known to work with organizations that focus on helping the environment.

2. Von Holzhausen

Von Holzhausen is a brand that was launched in 2015 by Vicki von Holzhausen. She’s another environmentalist, producing handbags made of eco-friendly and animal-free fabrics.

Sustainability designers often idolize von Holzhausen because of her ability to create jaw-dropping eco-friendly fashion with little time in the industry. She centers her company around sustainability, and it shows in her work.

Her company has created an artificial leather called Technik-Leather, which is produced without animals. Von Holzhausen handbags are made with Technik-Leather and offer clean edges that leave little to no room between patterns.

3. Viktor & Rolf

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren are a dynamic Dutch duo that creates haute couture collections from recycled and eco-friendly fabrics. They also reuse pieces from past collections, letting nothing go to waste and changing the way haute couture is perceived.

They operate on a made-to-order business model, allowing them to save on material and go all out on their designs. They also take outdated garments and material that were previously worn out and bring life to them with their creativity.

Viktor and Rolf have even released an entire collection of clothes that were recycled; Zalando RE: CYCLE. All of the garments in this collection came from their previous Zalando collection.

4. Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo was one of the most notable sustainable fashion designers to come out of Italy. His luxurious shoe brand is an inspiration to many sustainable designers in the world because of its focus on diversity and personal rights.

Ferragamo has various collections of adult and kids fashion that are made from organic materials like Orange Fiber. Orange Fiber is a fiber that’s made from citrus fruits, and Ferragamo is the first clothing brand to use it.

Many of the products are handmade, and all of them are carefully designed. There’s even a collection that consists of 100 handmade shoes made from organic cotton and wood; Rainbow Future.


BITE is another new luxury brand that’s taking the fashion industry by a storm. The name for this brand that launched in 2014 is an acronym for “By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress”.

BITE encourages consumers to be careful with how they spend their money. While BITE is a business, they don’t want people spending thousands on their clothing if they can’t afford it.

All BITE garments are made of completely natural and organic materials, making them one of the most sustainable brands out there. They use the likes of recycled nylon, polyester, silk, and linen to ensure their products are high-quality and durable.

6. Dôen

Dôen is an online boutique that aims to capture the creativity of California-based women. The brand promotes gender equality as their main idea, and they try to create garments that represent women from the past several decades.

While Dôen focuses on women’s clothing, they create a new collection for children each year and donate all of the proceeds to a charity. One of their goals is to help all children become literate, so they donate to Room to Read to make that possible.

7. Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman takes sustainability to a whole new level by offering not only products that are eco-friendly but also sustainable packaging as their boxes are made of recycled cardboard.

Like most sustainable luxury brands, Mara Hoffman makes use of recycled nylon, linen, plastic and more to produce garments of quality. They also use hemp in their clothes because it’s more durable than cotton.

This brand also encourages consumers to be mindful of their spending and make an effort to think about how they view clothing. All of their designs are inspired by women, environmentally friendly, and are made by designers that are paid fairly.

Get Involved with Sustainable High-End Clothing Brands

Modern high-end clothing brands are changing how fashion is viewed and inspiring others to do positive things. Brands like these are doing as much as possible to ensure their clothing is environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

If you like what designers are doing with their brands, consider buying their clothes. It will help them continue to make eco-friendly products. If you can’t, encourage others to do so. Spreading awareness is important to the causes of these brands.

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