Are you looking forward to an engagement? If so, you may be thinking of buying a unique engagement ring for your partner or with your partner.

Did you know that about 80% of Americans buy the most renowned core stones, diamonds, for their fiancee? This stone ranks as the most famous option, with designers constantly creating new styles. However, aside from diamonds, there are many other popular styles that you can choose from depending on your budget or preference.

Here are a few various types of engagement rings to buy for your proposal: 

1. Vintage Rings

The latest fashion paradox is that anything old is forever new once again. Vintage or old rings are as precious as always.

Apart from a sustainable ring, vintage rings hold a  sentimental value. Usually, couples who are getting new rings fancy these traditional vibes.

Vintage promise rings are all the excitement for meticulous couples. While others remodel the family heirloom, some will buy new rings with vintage style. 

2. Emeralds Rings

Engagement ring clients are advancing green, and we’re not only speaking on sustainability. Emeralds associate with unity, offering them a symbolic option to couples. However, emeralds are softer stones, so the ring-wearers must handle them with care. 

3. Rings with Two Stone

This creative choice is exquisite, and it also symbolizes romantic analogy. The two gems in these unique engagement rings mean two hearts are becoming one. Moreover, they give couples double bling, causing them an ideal choice for 2021. 

4. Rose-Cut Diamonds

If you’ve never discovered a diamond rose-cut, you’re going to love this piece. This impressive cut appeared in the 1500s, having a top matching a rosebud. These diamonds give an antique appearance, and their flat bases make them seem bigger.

5. Blue-Stone Rings

Sapphires are a masterpiece, and there are many blue-hued stones options. You can choose from trending blue gems such as topaz, blue opals, aquamarine, and tourmalines. The best thing about blue gems is they look stunning with both yellow gold and platinum settings. 

6. Alexandrite Gemstone Rings

This beautiful ring style deviates from tradition with a burst of color. Alexandrite is a beautiful gemstone that’s trending in the engagement rings society. When lights hit this striking gem, they will turn into various colors ranging from blue, purple, and orange. 

7. Engagement Rings with Three-Stones

Triple gemstone is an eye-catcher and stunning. These rings use step-cut or round side gems, like trapezoids, to accent a giant core gem on a plain circle. It could be a ruby ring, a pearl ring, and a diamond ring, but the complete look is unique with a bit of pizzaz. 

8. Lab-Grown Engagement Rings

Upright, eco-conscious buying doesn’t settle at wedlock jewelry. Some couples worry about the source of their engagement ring. Sustainable lab-grown stones are becoming competent for ring-seekers. These diamonds have become famous and more affordable options.

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Find the Most Unique Engagement Ring For Your Engagement

You and your fiancee deserve a unique engagement ring that matches your preferences and personality. Your engagement ring setting is the framework of your complete ring form. Options depend on individual preferences and styles. 

After you’ve picked on a stone mentioned above, look for a setting that supports and matches its style. For more information, check out our blogs.