The beauty industry is now worth more than five hundred billion dollars, according to a report by Business Insider. With new products being created every day and new and different customers exploring these products, the industry is ever increasing.

If you’re a beauty product lover, you’re always looking for the new trends and products on the market. This year has brought much excitement to the future of beauty, so read on to learn what’s new.

Pro-Age Products

The future of the beauty industry lies in pro-age products instead of the current anti-age phenomenon. More and more older women are on the covers of magazines that promote loving their wrinkles and their age instead of being ashamed of them.

With this, beauty companies have begun creating products that make your skin radiate instead of getting rid of crow’s feet. Less and less women have been buying anti-aging skincare or make-up products. This has helped the industry rethink the idea of aging.

Green Beauty

Green and sustainable beauty products are one of the biggest beauty trends of the future. This begins with changing what is in beauty products, making them organic, healthy, and sourced in a way that reduces your carbon footprint.

Biotech beauty is one way that green beauty has been incorporated. Lab-made ingredients combine with natural ingredients to reduce the impact of sourcing materials.

Green beauty also means green packaging. This means either being made from recycled material or being one hundred percent recyclable.

Though many people might think that eco-friendly beauty products don’t work as well, that isn’t true at all. The trend of green beauty products isn’t going anywhere, and these editor picks include many green products that are also very modern.

Technology Infused

With the technology industry expanding at a fast rate every year, it’s no surprise technology is infused with the beauty products of the future. The introduction of the Apple Watch and the Google Glasses started this trend and has seen it extend to the beauty industry even further.

There is a wig, called the Sony SmartWig, that has sensors using wireless technology that can connect to other devices. It can help detect blood pressure and even help with driving for those that are blind.

This is just the first look at what technology-infused beauty products there will be. There is a Smart Toothbrush that can help you with your plaque build-up and a Sheet Mask that can help get nutrients deeper into your skin than ever before. As sensors become smaller and technology grows, the possibilities are endless.

The Future of Beauty

The future of beauty explores more than you could ever imagine. Embracing age, going eco-friendly, and using technology for beauty’s benefit are some of the biggest beauty trends you will see.

Of course, the beauty industry is always evolving, so keep your eyes and ears alert for the next new product that could change your life for the better. If you found this article enjoyable, browse through more for all your fashion and beauty needs!