Hanson for Men – Black Wave Ring

DALLAS, Aug 7, 2012/ — The current zeitgeist says that when it comes to men, only rappers wear jewelry. Jewelry designer Kristin Hanson wants to change that as she introduces “Hanson for Men” a new line of jewelry for men that fuse materials such as gun scraps and carbon fiber with fine diamonds.

In short, the millennial tough guy is tailored, even a metrosexual! The Hanson man is just as confident and comfortable in the great outdoors as he is in the board room and knows how to combine classic tailoring with a downtown edge.

A rugged collection using materials such as gun scraps and carbon fiber juxtaposed with fine diamonds, the Hanson for Men collection includes bullet casing cuff links, bone-fragment money clips, dog tags and rings and is carefully designed with both aesthetic and function in mind. This is for the powerful man who isn’t afraid to stand out.

Ranging from bracelets and rings, to cufflinks and money clips, this is a collection which is stylish and functional, perfect for the modern man who knows the value of making a statement with his look.

  • Ruby Bone Links

Make your mark without resorting to tacky cufflinks. Made with 18K white gold and rubies, these cufflinks are the perfect finishing touch to any suit. ($4,160.00)

  • Black Eye Ring

This unique platinum ring encrusted with black diamonds makes a bold statement and adds a subtle edge to any look. ($3,260.00)

  • Green Diamond Money Clip

“It’s all about the bucks kid, the rest is conversation.” Made with sterling silver and natural green diamonds, this unusual money clip is sure to impress. ($3,250.00)

  • Bronze Scorpion

Add this vintage inspired bronze belt buckle to instantly dress up a pair of jeans for the perfect, stylishly rugged look. ($475.00)

Prices for Hanson for Men range from $150 -$5,000; the collection can be viewed at: http://www.kristinhanson.us/men.html