Adeam F15 (6)NEW YORK, Feb 23, 2015/ — Inspired by the work of Japanese contemporary artist Kohei Nawa’s art work, “Direction” and “Pix-Cell,” ADEAM designer Hanako created a collection dominated by directional stripes made with natural and man-made materials.

Unveiled on February 16th at the Highline Stages, the ADEAM Fall 2015 collection featured cording woven into mohair extend beyond the garment and becomes a fringe; capturing motion and moving with the body. Mohair stripes echo the graphic nature of the artwork whilst mohair yarn adds texture and three-dimensionality.

Fur, nylon and perforated neoprene are combined. Natural and artificial continue to come together in an echoed fusion of luxurious sable and cashmere knitwear are integrated in with sporty, structured bomber jackets and coats.

The collection combines geometric refinement and organic chaos to depict a feminine image of unexpected sophistication and finesse.

Photos courtesy of ADEAM