Adidas has been one of the groundbreaking companies to push sustainability and eco-friendliness in their brand. They’ve collaborated with environmental organization Parley for the Ocean since 2015 to create shoes made of plastic ocean debris. Now, they’ve pushed themselves even further and released a campaign video starring Willow Smith introducing their revolutionary creation, The Futurecraft Loop. 


Adidas applied a circular manufacturing model to create the shoes that will never end up in landfills. Futurecraft Loop is made with 100 percent reusable thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, and clean-fused to a BOOST midsole using Adidas’ Speed Factory technology. When the shoes are worn out, they should be given back to Adidas for the shoes to be washed, ground to pellets and melted into material to create a new pair of shoes with zero waste.

Image Adidas

Paul Gaudio, a senior vice president of Adidas, said in a statement, “FUTURECRAFT seeks to break new ground, bringing new materials and processes to bear against the many challenges and opportunities we face in helping athletes make a difference in their game, in their life and of course, in the world they live in — the world we all live in.”

The release of the shoes will be in spring or summer 2021.