Staying home, cozying up with your loved one these days couldn’t be more scintillating when you are barely dressed for that special moment in natural, earthly-design lingerie that rouse a basic instinct, if not a curious eye.

Visually stimulating, camouflage lingerie (or camo lingerie) signals sensuality beyond the ordinary.

Its earthen fabric with long strewn leaves, grass, and roots intertwine your silhouette, adding sensual movement and appeal for a long, enduring night. You couldn’t have it any better.

Great for weekend getaways, special evenings, or just about any feel-good moment, one would agree there is no such time, nor place.

For a dazzling selection of camo lingerie, Southern Sisters Design is the place where to buy camo night gowns. “Mossy Oak” wilderness lingerie and camisole, panty sets and thongs, finely accentuated with deviant aqua lace. The Mossy Oak camo look stirs playful passion with roots design that embrace your body, while leafy patterns subtly command an undivided attention.

Thoughts of cool mist, wild forest, earthly fecundity, and spontaneous delight are what define this camo lingerie brand. And not just for young southern belles and westerners, but for every woman with a mind to be special.

Sleep and lounging wear also come in aqua lace camo, corsets, country camo, muddy girl, and the latest pink bow hipster to flatter your curves.

So next time, surprise him with the pajamas in camo, please yourself, but not to forget that this is just the beginning…

—Vikkie Castro