politixHarry Kewell isn’t just an inspiration on the soccer field, although he is very impressive in that regard; his style off the field is also cause for applause, as he always seems to nail his fashion choices for every occasion.

If you want to emulate Harry’s effortlessly cool style, here are some descriptions of the way he dresses for different occasions (black tie, smart casual, street) so you can get some inspiration and start writing down items for your shopping list!

Black Tie Style

Harry Kewell loves a good suit. When it comes to colours and cuts, he tends to favour dark greys or blacks with the occasional waistcoat thrown in for a sophisticated look.

For some examples of the black tie suits Harry wears, check out the Politix site via this website. He always pairs his suit with a crisp white or light coloured shirtand occasionally with a matching tie. Harry’s the master of the simple but suave.

Smart Casual

When it comes to smart casual, Harry tends to experiment more with colours and accessories. He’s fond of the blazer and sports jacket, and also isn’t afraid to incorporate some bright coloured belted pants in the mix while keeping his clothing up top simple and sophisticated. Harry also doesn’t mind replacing the jacket with a waistcoat for a street-cred inspired smart casual look. He’s partial to the odd pocket square too. When it comes to colours, Harry favours blues and browns, which complement his olive skin tone.

Street Wear

Harry remains the king of cool when it comes to street wear. It’s all about leather jackets, dark jeans, chinos, sneakers and t-shirts. It never looks daggy and it’s always well-fitting and smart. Again, Harry likes to stick to blues and tan-coloured browns.

If it’s warm, Harry changes his style to suit the weather but doesn’t lose any of the sophistication.If it’s especially hot, he’ll go for dark or white coloured shorts (sometimes branching out into light purple or tan-coloured shorts) with a crew-neck t-shirt. He also sometimes opts for a crisp polo shirt to beat the heat in while still looking cool. He also uses aviator-style sunglasses to protect his eyes and add street cred to his outfit.


He doesn’t put it on display very often, but Harry has a tattoo sleeve on one arm. When it comes to his night-time looks, Harry usually covers them up to keep it sophisticated, but the tattoos complement his ‘street cred’ look when he’s wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt. You mightn’t need to rush out and get ink for your look, but it is a crucial part of Harry’s style.

If you’re in need of some suave and sophisticated wardrobe and style inspiration, look no further than Harry Kewell. He scores goals on and off the pitch. The great thing about Harry’s style is that he mixes and matches pieces that are very easy to find and are also versatile, so you don’t have to break the bank to buy 100 different items of clothing if you’d like to emulate his style.