uniqlo supimaCotton! Dubbed as the “fabric of our life”, cotton is UNIQLO’s new darling with the release of UNIQLO’s Supima cotton collection now available in brick and click locations.

Unknown to many, UNIQLO is the largest purchaser of USA grown cotton, thus producing Supima cotton t-shirts that are exceptionally soft and strong with long-lasting color is a major part of the brand’s manufacturing process.

Supima cotton is widely regarded as the best in the world because it’s softer and stronger than Egyptian, other Pima and regular cotton. It has thinner, longer and stronger fiber and is resistant to pulling.

UNIQLO’s promise to make affordable, quality products for ALL holds true for this collection through three key points:

  • Premium Quality: Products are made from a rare material that makes up less than 1% of the world’s cotton
  • Perfect Fit: Cut and designed for a woman’s shape or a man’s build, these items are created to fit your desired look
  • Vibrant Colors: Styles are offered in a large assortment of colors including Cobalt Blue, Tangerine and Kelly Green

UNIQLO Supima cotton products range in price from $4.30-$39.90.