Custo Barcelona F15 (76)NEW YORK, Feb 23, 2015/ — On Sunday, Feb 15th , Custo Barcelona shook up the catwalk today at New York Fashion Week with its new Fall-Winter 2015-16 collection.

Aptly titled “Shake before use”, Custo Barcelona proposed a multi-layered combination of dresses and coats, which, accompanied by sweaters, create looks that conceal other superlight silk and lamé pieces for fall.

The looks throughout the collection feature a playful overlapping of long outer garments with very short inner attire. Feminine silhouettes are covered with wool skirts with godets, pleated silk and wide origami-inspired sleeves.

Complementing these looks are straight, long oversize wool coats and layers that cover the shoulders featuring large Jacquard-style geometric patterning. Dresses formed from various woven textures are also quite significant in the collection.

The winter 2015 collection seeks to match traditional black-and-white tartan with gray or beige and touches of brighter colors like fuchsia and teal. The neutral color palette is combined with ethnic and colorful components to produce a sensual, contemporary language.

Matte textures of wool are coupled with shiny lamé, creating an interesting dialogue. Hidden inside the long, traditional-cut coats is a secret: light silk dresses with experimental cuts. Special attention to detail was paid in designing each and every one of the pieces to produce garments that are unique but also truly functional.

On this occasion, Custo Barcelona paid special attention to the men’s collection, which had a significant presence on the catwalk. With an identity all its own, the collection features a Custo man who expresses himself in classic language reminiscent of silent film. Its coats, sport coats, suits and sweaters combine a typical winter palette with other more daring colors.

Photos by Edward Colelli