Lo and behold, ties are back in the fashion game once again. They may not seem necessary for some, but they still make a good focal point on your clothes and outfits. The right tie is a versatile accessory you should not miss out on.

But most people easily get lost on what types of tie they should buy.

Worry not young padawan, because we’ve got a simple guide to help you choose. What we have here is a great list of the best ties for men on any occasion:

1. Solid Ties

If this is your first-time using ties, then it’s high time you started to collect them. It’s advisable to start with simple-colored neckties like solid colored ties. There are many different types and kinds of neckties, so organizing your wardrobe is easier when skipping the more complex ones.

Solids are dependable neckties you can use in any fashion emergencies. Because of the simple and next-to-nothing design, it offers a casual vibe and looks great on any suits.

2. Plaid Tie

These tie patterns are one of the most comfortable and pleasing to the eyes. Plaid ties are a must-have in men’s fashion because of its versatility. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, put one on and you’re good to go!

Like with the other ties, they come in many different colors and textures. You will definitely find something that will go along with the color palette of your wardrobe.

3. Cravat

Cravats were first worn by Croatian soldiers and King Louis XIV himself favored the cravat. This necktie created a fashion trend wave in the mid-1600s. They may not be as popular as they once were but they are still one of the best ties to be ever invented.

Back then, they were mostly worn on informal occasions as a quick outfit upgrade. You won’t be seeing them often at present, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing this handsome necktie.

Go get your suits and blazers so you can sport some cravats. It’s a lot different from your usual ties, but that only adds to its coolness and charm.

4. Knits Ties

If you want to look a bit more dapper than usual, these are one of the best ties for men due to texture. There are two types of ties of knits you should be aware of: the soft and stiff textured ones.

With this, can pull a formal business jacket off without looking too serious and timid. It makes a great addition to your suit if you want to give off a crisper and more relaxed vibe. They are also best paired with tweed jackets, flannel trousers, navy blazers, and vests.

Knit ties are a bit bulky so tie it up properly to avoid lumping on your collar. Other than that, you’ll have no problems wearing it because they are wrinkle-resistant and good for traveling.

5. Novelty Ties

Are you looking for a unique and quirky way to express yourself more? Novelty ties may be something you never knew you wanted. With their decorative and intricate designs, they always give a refreshingly fun twist to your look.

Always expect a theme of some sort for Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays, and weddings. It would be immensely fun to have something to match them with. Novelty ties are a subtle and cheeky way to coordinate your outfit with the occasion.

They are not for formal and business meetings; however, so don’t get too carried away.

6. Skinny Tie

You should have at least one of these in your wardrobe. This tie and pocket square set is a classic on any men’s repertoire of looks.

It is smaller than your usual types of ties so they look good with suits with narrow lapels.

These skinny ties are great for men with a smaller build. It makes your clothes look slimmer and form-fitting on your body. This is also applicable to those who have a bigger frame size because it makes you less gaudy and massive on your suits.

7. Bowtie

Do you want to change things up a little? How about sporting the bowtie once in a while? It’s a great contrast to everyone else who’s wearing the typical types of neckties.

The self-tied bowtie does require practice and patience from you. It’s hard to make it look even on your neck and you may need a few tries before you can get it right. That’s where the pre-tied bowtie shines because it comes with a clasp you can clip on your collar.

But you shouldn’t worry about perfect symmetry on your bow tie too much. It has enough charm for both of you. You only need to make sure the bowtie compliments your clothes.

8. Striped Ties

Striped neckties never go out of style in men’s fashion. They always come back as a classic look that anyone, from children to adults, can wear. It’s such a simple yet effective way to look great with your suit on any occasion.

A major consideration when wearing stripes ties is that it should contrast your dress shirt and suit. They come in diagonal, vertical, horizontal, and more complex patterns so keep that in mind when you are buying them.

9. Floral-Patterned Tie

Here we are in 2020, and it’s about time we advocate for men to be more comfortable expressing themselves. A floral-patterned tie is stylish and has just the right mix of formal and informal to it.

It looks great on white and darker blazers. You can even pair it with brownish leather loafers to further elevate the look.

Pink floral makes you look more approachable and charming than usual. While the black ones are usually seen on formal events, it’s gentle on the eyes and looks classy.

Get the Best Ties for Men Now!

Here are the top 9 best ties for men if you are unsure about what to wear. Follow this guide so you can sport some handsome neckties and be the best dresser you can be.

We have a lot more fashion tips and pointers you should learn! Please give more of our articles a read and discover all the stylistic tips and tricks you need right here!

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