NEW YORK, Sep 11, 2012/ — Sunday, Sep 9th, Custo Dalmau presented his vision of Spring 2013. He wants fashionistas to view fashion via a set of transparencies, and thus conjuring up a color and graphic universe that is uniquely Custo Barcelona.

Created in the union of components to formulate one-of-a-kind fabrics and innovative textures, Custo Dalmau proposed comfortable volumes interspersed generously with sexy figure hugging pieces. Original graphics that were inspired by the seabed and the constellations are prominent on the lighter pieces.

Netting and tulle in bright colors also prevail as key fabrics in the collection, in coordination with metallic film prints, Lurex, elastic bands in various shades and geometric lace. Natural-fiber jacquards in fluorescent colors further form the basis of this new graphic collection by Custo.

In accessories, the glasses were handmade from acetate in pastel tones with futuristic touches especially for the catwalk. The bags and watches played on the genuine, colorful geometric design and combined flawlessly with the palette used in the garments, making them the perfect final touch to top off the looks in X-ray.

Photo credits: Ugo Camera