Etro MF1408MILAN, Jan 15, 2014/ — Walking the runway two by two, a younger man and an older guy, Etro brought to mind the bond between father and son. With the two of them wearing almost identical suits, it left no doubt in your mind.

But why bring this on a runway which is predominantly plaid and with a sprinkling of paisley. The 1970s reference was obvious, which even if it is a wild guess on age, that was the time when the “dad” was a young man.

So, is this a subliminal changing of the guards? After all, even the youngest Baby Boomers which include Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise have reached the big 5-0. The leading edge Millennials are already in the workforce.

Or is this another form of bromance? Dads are usually their sons’ first best buddy. Keeping that feeling even in adulthood is probably one of the best gifts that a son can give his father.

Photos courtesy of Camera Moda