NEW YORK, NY November 12, 2018

Forget Nike and Adidas, the coolest heritage brands right now are Fila and Champion.

Twenty years ago, a miniature Fila backpack and sneakers were the accessories, but the brand seriously fell off the radar as Nike and Adidas overtook it in popularity. Now the brand is back and not only more stylish than ever, it’s more affordable than competitors. To solidify its comeback, the brand has teamed up with Bandier for exclusive pieces.

Powerful retailers like Macy’s and Nordstrom help set trends, so when you start seeing brands from your childhood like Fila, Champion and James Perse pop up on their site, you know something is up. And we’re here to tell you that nostalgia, in fact, is that something. It seems that with so much uncertainty in the world, we’re taking comfort in some of the fashion brands of our youth, while a whole new generation is being exposed to some great fashion buys.


Juicy Couture
Not only did Juicy Couture stage a show during NYFW in early 2018, it collaborated with “It” label Vetements and appointed celeb stylist Jamie Mizrahi to the role of creative director, which is why you’re now seeing stars like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry decked out in the brand.
Hard Tail Forever
Few things actually last forever in the fashion realm, but Hard Tail Forever, an OG, made-in-the-USA athleisure brand with signature tie-dye color schemes and patterns, couldn’t be more relevant today. Its pieces are all lightweight and comfortable and it stocks both functional as well as pre- and post-workout looks.
Birkenstocks were always popular, just not with the fashion set. Now you’re just as likely to see an influencer in the unequivocally ugly flats as you are to see them in sky-high stilettos. Crocs, even with a campaign fronted by Drew Barrymore and a makeover from Balenciaga, aren’t quite as popular. But who knows what’s in store for 2019 …