Around 27 million tourists visit London every year, proving that the city is truly calling. 

Unlike many destinations, London has four distinct seasons so your clothes must reflect that. Perhaps you’re currently packing for your trip, but you’re not sure what to bring.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is what to wear in London. 

Spring (March, April, May)

If you’re not sure what to wear when visiting London, know that in the spring temperature range from 64 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spring is a wonderful time to visit London, as Hyde Park starts to bloom and locals are excited for longer days ahead. But be prepared for April showers by packing a light trench coat and galoshes.

Don’t have enough space? Then pack waterproof shoes whether it’s leather ankle boots or fashionable walking sneakers. It’s important to note that London is a sprawling city and cabs are expensive while tubes can be crowded, so comfortable shoes are a must. 

Expect crisp, clear days so you can don floral dresses or bright-colored sweaters to usher in the new season. Near the end of May, you can wear short-sleeved shirts and lighter trousers, just make sure you bring a jacket for the evening.  

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Summer (June, July, August)

Not sure what to wear to London in summer? 

The Big Smoke promises temperatures between 73 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, marking a glorious season in the city. Expect your days to be in beer gardens or strolling along the Thames and soaking up the sun. 

But there is a reason why the British are renowned for talking about the weather, and it’s the unpredictability of it. Because of this, invest in a lightweight waterproof jacket so you don’t get drenched. 

July is considered the hottest month so don neutral-colored shorts, light t-shirts, and dresses. You can also bring a bathing suit as there are outdoor swimming pools dotted around the city like Hampstead Heath or Parliament Hill. 

August is another fantastic month to visit London, especially as the crowds of tourists decrease. Make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen and your favorite summer threads so you stay stylish in the sun. But bring a cardigan or sweater as the night cools. 

For shoes, bring sneakers for long days of site-seeing but don’t be afraid to bring sandals too, especially if you’re basking in the sun-drenched parks. 

If you’re still unsure about what to wear out in London know that there’s something for everyone in this city. You can either don a suit and visit the theater in the West End for an evening at the theater or go casual to explore Camden. This gives you flexibility with your wardrobe, but most importantly, wear whatever suits your style. 

Fall (September, October, November)

Fall in London arrives mid-September where most of the tourists leave, similar to other European countries. The average temperature is between 68 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit so make sure you pack a coat, scarves, and bobble hats to keep warm.  

Like most fashionistas would, customize your outfit so it reflects the changing seasons. Think burgundy, maroons, and khaki greens. Bring several sweaters, jeans, and ankle boots for the ultimate Fall get-up.

Prepare yourself for blustery afternoons, so woolly scarves and gloves shouldn’t go amiss. The key is to bring clothes that you can layer so you’re prepared for what London’s weather throws at you.  

It’s not all doom and gloom, though, there are often beautiful, clear Fall days so you can still enjoy time outdoors. 

Winter (December, January, February) 

If you’re unsure what to wear in London during winter, start by packing the warmest clothes you have. Although snow is unlikely, expect temperatures to fall from 48 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. 

London looks beautiful in winter, thanks to the glistening Christmas lights and venues like Winter Wonderland. You’ll still have plenty to do as the city’s infrastructure is ready for the cold, so expect centrally heated buildings and heaters outside of restaurants. Because of this, layer your clothing so you don’t overheat once you’re inside. 

Pack a padded coat, thermal gloves, and jeans to protect you from the elements. You should also bring chunky boots (Doc Martens, for the ultimate British look!) so there’s enough room for two pairs of socks. Although there are dry days, it’s wise to carry an umbrella, otherwise known as a brolly, and a windbreaker so you’re not caught in the rain. 

Note, brollies have their etiquette to follow so be prepared. For instance, avoid texting so you don’t bump into anyone, and never put your sodden brolly on the seat next to you on the tube. Trust me!

If you’re still struggling, make sure you know where you’re staying and the activities you’ll be trying out. This will determine the type of shoes to bring, whether you can ditch waterproof attire, and how much to pack.  

You should also embrace whatever you wear at home (but add a waterproof element!). London lets you dress as wacky or low-key as you want, so experiment with different colors or accessories depending on your mood. 

What to Wear in London

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know what to wear in London.  

Spring and summer can be scorchers, so make sure you pack light clothing so you can enjoy the weather. Make sure you pack coats, scarves, and waterproof shoes during the cooler months so you stay toasty as you explore this beautiful city. Happy traveling! 

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