color_wheel_pencilsDALLAS, Jan 8, 2008 / FW/ — For the past several years, catwalks from New York, London, Milan and Paris have chosen colors to do most of the talking for both menswear and womenswear. That affinity for color has been transmitted to electronic gadgets and appliances, even to the functional washer and dryer.

According to an article from The Olympian article ‘Consumers choose bright, fun items to make bold statement’, nowadays shoppers can match a rainbow of products – from a purple camera to a red toaster to a blue washing machine – to someone’s personality.

The Olympian added that this fascination with color is  “part of a trend that began with consumer electronics and is spreading like wildfire through everyday products as people personalize their household machinery,” citing retailers around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex experiencing brisk business in the sale of the more colorful gadgets and appliances.

Speaking of colors, green is the unanimous favorite for 2008, as advertisers and marketers recognize the global concern for the environment. And while Madison Avenue prepares for its own ‘green initiative’, consumer groups are making sure that those ads go through a ‘greenwashing’ with the launch of, “a site where consumers and others answer questions about specific “green” marketing campaigns and arrive at a score for the work.”

According to the BrandWeek article, ‘Watchdogs To Raise Red Flags Over Green Marketing Practices’, will tackle ads from both private industry and public groups, “because everybody is trying to ‘out-green’ the other these days,” said Ted Burton, VP at EnviroMedia, the leading U.S. marketing agency delivering sustainability consulting and authentic, ethical campaigns that get measurable results.

To fashion observers, the transition from the historically neutral and drab colors of appliances to the livelier rainbow shades now available in the market was predestined when the international catwalks featured more colorful collections.

Though we live on ‘internet speed’ nowadays, and life is much ‘faster’ compared to even just 20 years ago, it still takes time for a concept or idea to take hold. Yes, fads come and go, yet true trends stay and takes a little longer before it reach the majority’s consciousness.

One trend that hopefully will stay for a very very long time is the global concern about the environment. And, if we are more than just lucky, majority of the world’s population will also ‘green’ part of their lifestyle.