Trouble can strike at any time. It could be due to the stress of covering a financial emergency. It might be heartbreak after a relationship drifts away. Or you may have been sent into a depression due to the loss of a loved one.

Whatever the reason, everyone has to deal with tough periods during their lifetime. While it can be difficult to get to the other side, there are ways to deal with the issue. One method is to maintain your appearance and continue looking fabulous.

After all, strong self-esteem can go a long way to conquering the hurdles life throws at you. By keeping up your style and image, you can face those times of trouble with grace and confidence.

If you’re wondering how to do this, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Continue to eat well and exercise

When you go through hard times, it can be incredibly easy to lose control. For example, you might decide to sit in front of the TV all day and eat an excessive amount of junk food. While this is okay on the odd occasion, it’s easy for it to become an unhealthy habit.

Even if your mind is saying otherwise, it’s imperative that you keep up with a healthy lifestyle. Continue to enjoy a balanced diet. Also participate in regular exercise. Not only will it keep the pounds off, but exercise is proven to improve mental health in a number of ways.

Invest in timeless, versatile clothing pieces

If you want to look fabulous at all times, you will want a clothing collection that supplies fashionable outfits at all times. This can be massively helped by adding a few timeless and versatile items of clothing to your wardrobe.

Fashion trends change all the time, so you could quickly end up with an unfashionable pile of clothes if you only follow the crowd. With timeless pieces such as a classic leather jacket or Levi jeans, however, you will always have something ready to go – no matter what the current trends are dictating.

Rehab your wardrobe

Rehabbing your wardrobe is not only a great way to modernize and revitalize your style, but it’s also ideal for getting rid of clutter. Go through your current clothing, only keep the pieces you love, and then donate the rest. This way you will have plenty of room to add new clothing to your wardrobe! Theo + George has a great wardrobe rehab guide.

There’s only one issue with a wardrobe rehab: it’s a costly procedure. If you have no money in the bank but want to revitalize your fashion, a quick loan is a suitable stopgap. If you were to acquire the loan through CashLady, for instance, you can gain the money you need instantly to enjoy some much-needed retail therapy.

Confidence is the key

Ultimately, there’s nothing more attractive than someone who is confident and feels good about themselves. While this can be particularly tricky during times of trouble, just remember to focus on the positives.

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