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How To Take Care Of Silk Nightwear - FashionWindows

Silk has always been one of the fabrics that women love to use. Its luxurious softness, cooling temperature, and hygienic property make it a popular textile for women’s sleepwear. It also helps make girls feel good when wearing silk nightwear to bed.

Since silk nightgowns and pyjamas are usually a bit on the expensive side, it is important to take care of it properly. Its delicate fabric can get ruined if you use the usual washing techniques for other clothes. Here are some ways to make sure that your silk nightwear will stay soft and shiny for a long time.

Tip #1: Never Use Soap

When washing silk nightwear or any items made with silk, you need to be careful of what you clean it with. Check out if the soap that you intend to use has compounds like magnesium and calcium rods. When combined with the positive charge of silk, the negative charges of soap will cause precipitation on the fabric’s surface. As a result, grey-white spots will appear on your nightwear. If you need to clean your silk nightwear, you can either rinse it with water or use detergents without calcium and magnesium.Tip #2: Avoid Excessive Scrubbing

Due to its delicate nature, silk clothing needs gentle washing methods to preserve it. Too much scrubbing may cause abrasion, which could displace the fibres of the textile. You must also avoid stretching and twisting the silk items because it can cause deformation. It will also lose the fabric’s signature stiffness and can make it tear easily.

Tip #3: Learn How To Remove Stains Properly

It is always tempting to wear silk, even if you are not yet going to bed. Yet it can make it susceptible to stains. If you accidentally get ink in your silk nightwear, you must deal with it right away. To do this, you must lay the garment on a clean, flat surface. Then blot the inked area with a clean cloth to get rid of the excess ink. You only need to avoid rubbing the area because it may spread the ink further. You must also spray cold water on top of the stained area using a spray bottle then blot it again with a clean cloth. Repeat this process until all the ink is all gone.

For lipstick stains, you can put masking tape or a transparent tape on the area then rip the tape off. The lipstick should instantly come off. If you accidentally spilled any oily products like salad dressing, food, or lotion, you can dab it with talcum powder and let it sit for around 20 minutes. Then use a toothbrush to sweep the powder from the fabric gently.

Tip #4: Rinse Properly

When washing your silk garments, you must make sure that you will rinse it properly. You need to remove all the detergent that you use to clean the fabric to make sure that it will not deteriorate easily. It would also help if you avoided any detergents or soap with alkaline since silk is slightly acidic like the human skin. To prolong its life, you must only use neutral detergents.

Wearing silk nightwear could be one of the luxuries that every woman would enjoy. But it is crucial to take care of it properly so you will get to wear it for as long as possible. So take all the precautions possible when cleaning your silk garments to maximise the use of these gorgeous looking nightgowns that will make you feel extra beautiful as you sleep.

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