As we all anxiously await spring, it’s the perfect time to go through our winter wardrobe and see how we can style our outfits for when the weather warms up.

Here are a few tips to help you segue through the seasons:

Layering is Key

When spring rolls around the weather is always in flux. It could be chilly one day and unseasonably warm the next. Layering your clothing is the best way to stay comfortable. Wear a comfortable and slimming tank as the first layer. This will create a smooth base for you to then layer a blazer over a turtleneck or thrown on a leather jacket over a dressy blouse. There are so many ways to layer for spring – you can’t go wrong.

Accessorize With Scarves

Transform your dark winter outfits with a pop of color – and do it with a scarf! Brightly colored scarves or ones with a printed design can transform your look from dreary to cheery. And the best part: Scarves can be styled any way you want!

Balance Heavy with Light Fabric

Start pairing your heavy fabrics, such as wool pants and dark denim jeans, with lighter options. A T-shirt and cardigan (yes, more layering!) with light-colored jeans will keep you warm but also show you’re preparing for spring.

Add Some Color

Most people are drawn to darker colors in the winter. But now is the time to start slowly adding color to your outfits – like accessorizing with a pretty pastel necklace or wearing a light and bright sweater.

Try Out New Tights

Warm weather makes us want to take out our dresses and skirts and get some use out of them since they have been hanging in our closet all winter. Spring weather lets us bare a little skin without it being risky. Add a pair of fun and funky tights with a solid-colored skirt and blouse or simple sweater. Throw on ankle boots or a colorful pair of pumps and you’re ready to go.

Remember White

Don’t be afraid of white. It’s no longer taboo to wear it before Memorial Day. Your best bet in working this winter-to-spring style is with a pair of white jeans. They will brighten up any outfit. And you can easily transition them into summer, too!

Give Your Feet Some Love

Shed some weight on your feet by trading in your snow boots for a pair of ankle boots or slingback pumps. And don’t say goodbye to all your boots. Rain boots will be a lifesaver when April showers roll in.

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