travel in styleIt can be difficult to appear stylish when you are traveling by plane, train, or bus. Not only will your clothes be crumpled, but you might experience a lack of sleep or be physically tired from lugging about heavy luggage. To ensure you look both smart and stylish when traveling from A to B, you should try to keep your style simple and classic.

Find out how to travel in style in 2019:

Upgrade Your Flight

Squeezing into small economy seats cannot only be uncomfortable, but it can also make you feel irritable and untidy. If you want to enjoy a more luxurious travel experience, consider upgrading your flight to first class.

If, however, you really want to travel in utter style, you should consider charting a private jet to a fashionable destination, such as Aspen. Thanks to Aspen charter flights, you could soon be enjoying a mouthwatering cuisine, skiing on the slopes or shopping in the many boutique stores at the ski resort town.

A Smart Suitcase

A smart suitcase is both simple yet stylish, as it offers a polished design that you can easily transport. Not only will you look undeniably chic when you arrive at an airport, but some designs even feature a phone charger, so you can power up your phone before showing your e-ticket for a flight.

A Hold Everything Wallet

Many travelers often store their travel documents inside an unattractive plastic wallet, which can detract from their overall look. If you want to appear effortlessly stylish, invest in a hold-everything wallet, which will allow you to store:

• Your passport
• Boarding pass
• Hotel confirmations
• Visa information
• Copy of your birth certificate

It will also help you to remain organized on vacation, as you will never need to root through your bag to find the appropriate documentation.

A Stylish Blazer

Do you want to wear t-shirt and skinny jeans/leggings during travel? Heighten your look and comfort by wearing a stylish blazer, which will make you appear more put together. You can even hang it up during a flight, which can hide your creased clothing once you touch down.

If you are traveling to a tropical destination, choose a lightweight fabric, which you can wear should the weather take a turn for the worst during a getaway.

A Large Tote Bag

Avoid carrying many small plastic bags at an airport, which can you look unstylish. Instead, take a large tote bag aboard a plane, which can carry many items. For example, you could use it to store your laptop, neck pillow, snacks and/or a change of clothing.

Statement Sunglasses

Don’t allow red, tired eyes to ruin your look. Once you have touched down at an airport, put on a pair of statement sunglasses, which will help you to evoke confidence and style when walking through airport security and exit baggage reclaim. It is the perfect way to hide any jetlag you might be experiencing and it can even dress up a plain white t-shirt.