Iceberg MS15 (39)MILAN, Jun 22, 2014/ — Titled “Rebirth in Nature”, the Iceberg Spring/Summer 2015 collection takes us to a journey deep into Nature. A seeming exploration of the natural universe, it ultimately leads us on a path toward self awareness and self discovery.

The message: Introspection and natural essence are the two distinct worlds that the Iceberg man always makes his own.

The rigor of the design process keeps apparent disorder in line. That’s the Iceberg way: as in Nature, it’s the secret to attaining perfection, passing through creative chaos.

Soft ergonomic shapes. A fine ‘90s flair, contemporary street style. Natural ease of motion, for the blithest of moods. A palette of earth tones, sky nuances, floral hues: brown, beige, orange, blue. Hints of azure and fuchsia shades.

Prints expressing an oneiric idea of Nature. Macro abstract rose petals offset by flashes of chromatic contrast. Colorful plumes in fanciful formation as a symbol of community belonging. And then tie-dye motifs for a sense of total freedom, pure escape.

A tribute to brand archives: Mickey Mouse in arty avant-garde version. Silk, cotton, cashmere and linen: pure natural fibers. Cotton with a slick technofinish, yet also with all the appeal of a perfectly natural fabric.