Nearly 37 million American adults played golf in 2020. And the majority of those hitting the links were men. 

Now, playing the game isn’t just about clubs, strokes, and strategy. You have to start by dressing for success, and the proper men’s golf attire will get you there. 

But you’re not quite sure what pieces you have to have in your golf wardrobe. Here’s what you’ll need to look and feel your best on the course. 

1. A Collared Shirt

Let’s start at the top. Most courses will require you to wear a collared shirt, so that part of your wardrobe is somewhat decided for you. 

You can check with the place where you normally play to see if there are any other options, though. Some have started to allow the modern mock neck tops on the course, as well.

2. Golf Pants

Next up, we have men’s golf pants. On cooler days, you should wear them. Opt for slacks made of cotton or polyester — most courses won’t allow you to wear any denim on the links.

Of course, you can’t wear golf pants all year long. When summer rolls around, opt for pleated dress shorts so that you still fit the dress code.

3. Footwear

When it comes to golf attire for men and women, there’s no accessory more important than the golf shoe. In fact, choosing the correct pair can improve your game. 

Golf shoes help you to stabilize yourself while you swing, and they provide traction as you trek across the greens. Plus, they’re built for the long game: you won’t find your feet hurting after a few hours of standing up to play. 

You’ll have to check with the course where you play to find out their rules on golf shoes. Some will require that your shoes’ spikes are soft, rather than the traditional hard metal ones. They make this distinction to protect their greens, of course. 

More casual courses may allow you to wear sneakers to play. This is good news if you’re trying out golf for the first time to make sure you like it. But once you’re in, you should consider investing in high-quality shoes to take your game to the next level.

4. Hats

Finally, when you’re standing under the sun for several hours, you’re going to want a hat to keep your head safe from the sun. You have plenty of options when it comes to golf-course-appropriate hats. 

A traditional baseball-style cap will do the job, as will a straw hat. You might also want to wear what’s called a Ben Hogan cap, which looks a lot like a newsboy cap. Visors are also a great choice if you’d rather leave your hair out than tuck it into a hat.

Those are typically the accepted styles of headgear in golf. Cowboy hats, beanies, and other types of caps may not be permitted on your course. 

Master Men’s Golf Attire

It’s a simple enough outfit: a collared shirt, pants, shoes, and a hat. But it can be tough to decide what’s appropriate men’s golf attire if you’re new to the game. These tips should help you choose, though, and, soon enough, you’ll be looking like a pro, regardless of your skill on the links. 

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