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Learn How to Clean Your Jewelry at Home With These 5 Tips - FashionWindows

Like all things in life, we love having something when it’s clean, shiny, and brand new. Jewelry is a perfect example of this. When we get a brand new ring or new bracelet, we wear it so much because we want to be seen in it.

However, when they start to fade and lose their luster, we tend to just put it down and never pick it back up again. Most times, this is because we either don’t know how to clean our jewelry or don’t want to do it. Having dirty jewelry isn’t cool.

However, if you want to find a way how to clean your jewelry at home instead of spending money, here are five tips you can follow to get your jewelry shining as if it’s brand new.

1. Cleans Laundry and Jewelry Alike

Dishwasher detergent can be used to clean fine jewelry due to its stain-fighting agents. For that matter, you can use dish detergent also.

Add the detergent to boiling water. Then put your jewelry in the water and let them sit for about 20-30 minutes. Once this is complete, take them out and scrub them with fresh water.

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2. For Teeth, Gold, and Gold Teeth

Toothpaste isn’t just for your teeth. You can use your toothpaste to make your gold shine—and with less than five dollars, which makes it one of the most inexpensive ways to clean your gold jewelry.

Take a cotton ball, rag, or soft toothbrush and apply the toothpaste all over the piece of jewelry. Once this is completed, take a fresh towel to wipe off the residue.

3. Hennything Is Possible

Alcohol is another great way to brighten up your jewelry, albeit an expensive one depending on your bottle of choice. Preferably use beer, vodka, or tequila for this.

Dip a cloth into the alcohol. Rub your jewelry for several minutes and it will begin to shine. This is a good solution for a quick fix if you need it in a rush.

4. Bake and Boil

Not just used to bake your chicken, aluminum (and for our friends across the pond, aluminium) foil can be used to help clean your tarnished jewelry.

Line a bowl with aluminum foil and add hot water and laundry detergent powder or baking soda, and then turn the stove off. Leave them in there for several minutes. Afterward, take them out and scrub them, and then clean them with a fresh towel.

5. Not Just for Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

If you want an idea on how to clean silver jewelry, a certain condiment might be able to help you: Ketchup. Because ketchup is acidic, it can get rid of all the grit and grime on your jewelry.

Just take a soft cloth after dipping it in some ketchup and clean off your jewelry. You’ll have less ketchup for your fries, but at least your wedding band will be clean.

How to Clean Your Jewelry at Home

There are so many ways to clean your jewelry. You just need to learn how to clean your jewelry at home. After that, you’ll be shining like the first day you got them. Don’t let your jewelry get dirty. Clean them today.

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