Lena Hoschek Show - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014/15BERLIN, Jan 17, 2014/ — Lena Hoschek’s collections do not follow trends or the general conception of ‘cool’. They are simply a reflection of what has fascinated her since her childhood: the female ideal of the 40s and 50s, craftsmanship, high-end tailoring, traditional materials and patterns but also rock ‘n’ roll and punk music, tattoos, bad guys and fast cars.

Celebrating the erotics of the Pin-up who didn’t take themselves too seriously, Lena Hoschek’s clothes are made for all the Sophia Lorens and Marilyns of today.

Lena Hoschek’s collections take you back to times when women were real women and men were real men. I bet, when designing, she secretly dreams of Rhett Butler.

Courtesy of MBFW Berlin