There are around 54,386 nail salons across the country, which shows how much we lour mani-pedis. 

Getting a pedicure is a fantastic way to unwind, feel pampered, and leave feeling fresh. Perhaps you’re interested in getting one but you’re unsure which treatment is best for you.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the main types of pedicures to consider.  

Standard Pedicure

Before we dive into the different types of pedicures, we’ll start with the standard version.

This is where you soak your feet in warm water until your skin swells, then the nail technician exfoliates your feet to remove any dead skin. Your manicurist will also trim and file your nails, along with pushing back your cuticles so they’re clean. 

The basic pedicure often ends with a soothing foot massage to moisturize your skin.    


To reap the benefits of pedicures in little time, book a mini pedicure. The treatment is the same as the standard pedicure but without exfoliation and hydration. But you’ll still leave with trimmed, filed, and polished nails that look fantastic.   

Paraffin Pedicure 

If your feet feel dry and cracked, book a paraffin bath at your local nail salon.

During a paraffin procedure, your feet are wrapped in a paraffin slipper or you may be given a wax foot bath. This is to soften and moisturize your skin as it opens the pores, perfect to tackle tough soles.  

French Pedi

One of the most popular options is a French pedicure, inspired by how the nail polish is applied.

You’ll notice white polish is applied on the edge of your toilets while the rest is covered in a translucent pink color. If that’s too plain, customize your pedi with rhinestones or ask for a brighter color like coral. 

Spa Pedicure

Building upon the standard pedicure, the spa package includes several steps so you relax further. For instance, you may be given a hydration mask or a foot massage with aromatherapy oils. This is perfect for unwinding after a busy week and you’re guaranteed to leave feeling rejuvenated. 

Gel Pedi

During the standard pedicure, your nail technician will offer you a gel pedi. If you agree, you’ll get two coats of thick polish complete with a topcoat. 

After each application, you will cure your nails underneath a UV light. The beauty of gel polish is that it’s more durable, so it will last around two weeks without chipping, perfect if you’re going on a beach vacation.  

Athletic Pedicure

Unlike the name suggests, you needn’t lead an active lifestyle to benefit from an athletic pedicure.

This is for someone who constantly struggles with ingrown toenails and callouses. An athletic pedi is like a standard pedicure, but your manicurist will add extra soothing treatments like a eucalyptus foot scrub to rejuvenate your tootsies.  

Fish Pedi 

Not every nail salon promotes fish pedis, but this is a popular treatment in Asian countries like Thailand. This isn’t for the squeamish, as you dip your feet into a bath filled with red Garra fish, a toothless species, that feast on dead skin cells.

Don’t worry, it feels more like tickling than pain. Once finished, you’ll be surprised at how soft your feet are, and the manicurist will then commence with a standard pedicure.  

Waterless Pedicure

If you don’t like dipping your feet in water for hygiene reasons, choose a waterless pedicure. The manicurist will trim, file, and polish your nails and then mist your feet with a special spray.

Once moist, your feet will be wrapped in towels and plastic wrap so it keeps moisture close to your skin. In effect, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a foot soak without having to place your feet into a bath.  

Hot Stones Pedi

Most people get pedicures to improve how their feet look, but that’s not the only reason. You can also get a hot stone pedi to soothe the tired muscles in your feet, perfect if you’re constantly running around for work. 

Your nail technician will give you a standard pedicure treatment before placing the hot stones. These are placed on pressure points while you get a massage for 20 minutes. It’s a popular choice for those suffering from arthritis or who are after a rejuvenating experience.

Ice Cream Pedicure

Unfortunately, real ice cream isn’t used in this treatment. Instead, a mixture of oils that look similar to the delicious dessert is like coconut and jojoba.

This is a special treatment where you dip your feet in warm water before “ice cream balls,” the oils, are added. These slowly melt in the water so your skin can enjoy its nourishing properties. 

Next, your feet are exfoliated before you enjoy a relaxing massage. And, before you leave, the manicurist will apply a foot mask to help rehydrate the skin.  

Margarita Pedi

No, it’s not sipping cocktails when you’re enjoying a pedi. A margarita pedi is when you soak your feet in warm water that is infused with lime and sea salt. Citrus is crucial as it softens your skin, especially the tough parts on your heels.  

Milk and Honey Pedicure

If you’re after luxury, try a milk and honey pedicure. Once your feet have soaked in warm water, your manicurist will treat them to a milk bath. To round off the treatment, the technician will use a sugar scrub to exfoliate your feet and a honey mask to moisturize them.  

Try These Different Types of Pedicures

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re familiar with the different types of pedicures.

The beauty about pedis is that there’s something for everyone. Whether you want a quick mini pedi or an indulgent ice cream pedicure, treat your feet to some love. Happy relaxing! 

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