Mercedes Fashion Week Madrid Otoño/Invierno 2014-2015On Monday, February 17, 2014, at the Feria de Madrid, Hannibal Laguna unveiled the Hannibal Laguna Fall 2014 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

Photos courtesy of IFEMA

From the Press Notes:

Lines of the collection:

Some 28 years since Hannibal Laguna created his first design and following the creation of 99 collections, now comes ONE HUNDRED. This collection encapsulates the essence of the aesthetic values that have characterised this fashion house since the very beginning. Here we come across a return to the meaning and expressiveness of classic couture, as part of a creative procedure in which the dialogue between customer and designer forms part of the entire process.

ONE HUNDRED tells a contemporary story, one inspired by the film icons of elegance, who were extremely prevalent in the 1930’s. Technically, this approach insists on the expressiveness of rounded lines and the stylisation of form, giving rise to a series of sculpted silhouettes based on folds and pleats of subtle transparencies, falsely simple, evoking a taste for handcrafted work.

The legendary cut on the cross continues to bewitch the designer, who on this occasion uses this technique in a series of circular pieces constructed with flared and tulip skirts of inverted corolla. We come across a collage of dresses made of silk mikado, dotted with gold and mother-of-pearl embroidery and delicately veiled with fine layers of organza: the result, which is balanced and precise, recalls the laborious art of damascene work.

Sumptuous waffled fabrics made of natural silk give shape to sophisticated jackets and “stem” trousers, which make an appearance amongst the gowns like platonic guests. The designer’s ideas also include the Jewelled T-Shirt: worked with relief effects using soutache thread and sewn in macramé with gold pips.

A collage of volumes and textures with a weightless range of colours: porcelain shades such as camellia pink, cloud violet, dusty blue and olive green are the main characters in this long journey of experiences and important recollections.

ONE HUNDRED reveals a collection that evokes the characteristic features of a special style. “The main idea that inspired me was the thread of a dichotomy that has guided me over time: a strange obsession with feminine appeal combined with romanticism, seeking to achieve a delicate result that is also full of energy”.