#Mangogirls Calling
#Mangogirls Calling

Three Women. Three Cities. Pernille Teisbaek, Nuria Val and Leia Sfez who live in Copenhagen, Barcelona and Paris, respectively shared with #Mangogirls Calling how they adapted their style, customs and thinking during the Covid-19 lockdown.

In a digital format and via videochat, remote applications and selfies, the three collaborators have created this content from the intimacy of their homes, reflecting upon how the current situation has changed their social, family and style habits

In this dialogue, all three women comment on adapting their personality when dressing given the current circumstances, “Honestly, I have never worn so many clothes including the word “sweat”!”, Leia Sfez confesses.

All of them declare that accessories have become an important element: “I can’t wait to dress up again and hide my sweat suit away for a while! But accessories have been my easiest upgrade when going grocery shopping!”, says Pernille Teisbaek.

And that fashion can even transform her day: “I love this dress. It gives me a boost of energy”, says Nuria Val.

Her hobbies have not changed, although the way she uses social media has: “I’m happy to see how much chatting online connects us during these times” Pernille says. Videochat apps have become the medium for staying connected with their loved ones: “The other day when DJ Pascal performed on Mango Instagram, we all ended up dancing and it was super fun”, Nuria explains.

Discovering the most pleasant corner in their house, confessing daily routines or fantasizing what they will do once the situation improves are some of the other reflections these #Mangogirls share with the brand’s community via the content now available on the official website, mango.com.

Photos courtesy of Mango