Mykita Maison Martin Margiela (1)Proposing two styles this summer, MYKITA and Maison Martin Margiela continue to titillate the fashionista who wants style and function in their eyewear.


Stainless steel frames reduced to the raw material, no additive components. Aesthetic functionality. A thick, transparent powder coats and seals the frames giving the entire construction a convex, all-enveloping body. Inspired by historical shapes of the last century, the monochrome frames and matching lenses lend the models a pure, radical look. 6 unisex styles – 4 colourways


Two pairs of acetate frames. Born of one form, divided into pairs and deconstructed. Mutual transplantation leaves each couple comprising two complementary designs – but with four independent identities. Manifest as tone-in-tone or with contrasting colour schemes. 4 unisex styles – 5 colourways.