NEW YORK, Sep 6, 2012/ FW/ — Inspired by the 1973 sci-fi movie “Soylent Green”, sibling design team Nicholas and Christopher Kunz sent out a predominantly beige collection which is not surprising because in the movie, everything was dusty.

The inspiration might be futuristic, but the proposed looks are definitely within our era as seen in the breezy, bohemian silhouettes of creamy leathers, ultra soft cashmere, silk satin, and mesh paneling.

To add drama, a spectrum of black, wood brown, nude, stone grey with pops of rust, soy, and periwinkle hues evoked the sensual appeal of color, texture, emotional charge, and green revolution of the 70s.

A stand out in the collection is the reworked trench coat which is being proposed in several styles – leaf-styled torso with an asymmetrical hem; cut at the waist making it a blouse; hooded with the hood detachable.

Photos courtesy of Nicholas K