Kylie Minogue carrying her Roberto Cavalli Regina Bag in Sydney
Kylie Minogue carrying her Roberto Cavalli Regina Bag in Sydney

Many women understand how difficult it can be to not only dress for a specific occasion, but to accessorize for it as well. Just like shoes can either make or break an outfit, the same applies to handbags. The key with handbags is to make sure that they either match or complement an outfit.

Black Tie Events

Formal weddings, awards ceremonies, and red carpet events can all be considered black tie events. Your best bet for such occasions will be to opt for a clutch purse. Something to keep in mind is that you want to make sure that the color and material of the purse matches your dress as well as any other accessories that you’ll be wearing.

Smart and Casual Events

Engagement parties and weddings that are being held outside are two events where you’d want a smart-casual ensemble. Satchels, hobo bags, and shoulder bags are all good options as are any other type of day bags that you might have tucked away.

Cocktail Parties

Parties that are a step below formal, such as cocktail parties, will give you a bit more freedom when it comes to which purse you can accessorize with. Clutches, formal shoulder bags, and baguettes are all good options. It’s best that you leave your messenger bag and larger purses at home. You don’t have to look your most elegant, but you also don’t want to look your most distressed either.

Casual Occasions

You’ll be able to wear practically whatever you’d like to casual occasions such as baby showers and birthday parties. Again, the most important thing that you want to remember is to match the bag with everything else that you’re wearing. Versatile materials will also serve you and your personal style well.

Handbags for Every Body Type

Now that you have a better idea of which handbag to wear to which occasion, you might be interested in which handbag best complements your specific body type. If your hips and waist are smaller than your shoulders, it’s recommended that you choose a bag with longer straps, a cross body bag, or a bag that draws attention to a smaller part of your body.

Women who have a rear and waist that’s wider than their shoulders look best in handbags that fall anywhere between their hips and their waist so that they have a more balanced figure. If your shoulders, hips, and waist are all the same size, think about a hobo bag or a satchel handbag that falls just at your waist so that it gives the illusion that you have a more curvaceous figure.

Ladies with an hourglass figure will find a best fashion friend in a shoulder bag, cross body bag, or tote handbag. No matter which bag you choose, ensure that it’s size proportionate. Tote handbags are ideal for bodies with a wide bust and waist and narrow thighs and shoulders because they add balance. It’s suggested that women with an apple-shaped body avoid shoulder and messenger bags.

Besides the occasion and your personal body type, don’t forget to wear a handbag that’s actually comfortable. No matter how well-dressed you are, if you aren’t comfortable with your bag it’s bound to show in your body language.