Raphael Young F14 Women Shoes (1)

PARIS, Jul 5, 2014/ — Fall/Winter 2014-15 is an expression of what matters dearly to Raphael’s universe: A lot of sensuality, geometrical and feminine lines put into movement by strong and architectural constructions with a resolutely rock spirit.

As always, great attention is given to heels, minimal and imposing at the same time, sculptural and delicate as are sculptor artists’ inspirations that fascinate Raphael: Brancusi, Giacometti or Moore.
Indentations are enhanced with slight higher coverage to make pumps become second skins fitting in a way that feet become art objects of their own.

This Fall Winter, Raphael Young demonstrates his vision of a style infused with luxury, strength and delicacy with a collection made from noble materials and heels carved in metal, echoing the ornamental chains embracing ankles and heels, adding a hint of fetish and desire to the women who wears them.

Leathers used are resolutely luxurious, evoking also strength and sensuality: Wild Python, Pony, Nappa and Baby Calf Suede.

The contrast in shapes and colors, tribute to artist Yves Popet and his Oniris Collection takes us to a nocturnal and carnal universe where simplicity of shapes and curves are materialized by the opposition of colors. Black and red are omnipresent, symbol of strength and desire.