Rubin-Chapelle F15 (13)NEW YORK, Feb 20, 2015/ — For Fall 2015, RUBIN&CHAPELLE continues its exploration of the modern dress codes that designers Sonja Rubin and Kip Chapelle started in their Spring 2015 collection.

In tune with the season, the Fall 2015 collection brings heavier fare in tweed coats and trousers. Collaborating with designer Johanna Michel, RUBIN&CHAPELLE developed prints based on traditional Scottish motifs.

The results are rescaled and distorted digital prints of tartan and argyle in earth tones and pinks throughout this season’s collection. The Scottish menswear influence appears in tweeds, kilt skirts, distorted tartans, and abstract argyles.

“We wanted to modernize the traditional Scottish menswear look for women,” says Kip Chapelle.

Jackets and tops are mechanically edge fringed. Virtual fringes are on dresses and jackets achieved through print. The silhouette is generally soft and easy. Bottoms include circle skirts and pencil trousers. Tops include button up blouses and looser shapes. Kilt pleats are softened in silk blends and traditional patterns enlarged.

“We’re accustomed solids but used a lot of print this season. Layering and mixing prints just felt right”, says Sonja.

Photos courtesy of Rubin&Chapelle