More than half of American adults prefer beach holidays over all other types of vacations. 

As fun as beach vacations are, figuring out what to wear is stressful enough to make anyone bury their head in the sand.  The good news is, we’ve done the thinking for you. We’ve studied the latest fashion trends and have come up with 6 beach style ideas you’ll love! 

These gorgeous outfits will help you soak up the summer sun in style!

1. A Comfy Romper

On a breezy day at the beach, a short dress can be a liability, blowing up around your ears or ballooning out like a parachute. This is where rompers prove their worth. These all-in-one outfits are practical, comfortable, and certainly don’t skimp on style.

From short to long-sleeve, halter neck to spaghetti straps, embroidery to bright printed patterns, rompers come in just about every cut and color under the sun. Check out these stunning beach rompers for more inspiration.

2. Turned up to the Maxi

If you’re planning on dividing your time between lounging on the beach and exploring the coastal social scene, a maxi dress is a great choice.

Throw it on over your bikini and you’re ready for the beach. Add a statement necklace, heels, or stylish belt and you’re dolled up and ready to hit the town. Try these great style tips on how to dress up a maxi dress.

3. Layer-up

Whether there’s a chilly ocean breeze or you want to protect your skin from the sun, it’s always wise to pack a light jacket or cardigan as part of your outfit. Denim jackets remain a firm beach style favorite, as well as light fabric jackets in neutral colors.

Summer cardigans keep the chill off your skin without making you feel too claustrophobic.  Choose a breathable fabric that will dry quickly if it gets damp. When dressing for the beach, avoid knitted cardigans as beach sand settles into the weave, making it difficult to brush off.

4. A Trendy Cover-Up

If you’re looking for clothing that covers your swimwear but is easy to remove when you want to jump into the water, look no further than a cover-up.

These light, breathable smocks protect your modesty and can be stripped off in a flash when you’re ready to catch a tan or go swimming. Not convinced? Check out these great reasons why cover-ups are a beach essential.

5. Intriguing Patterns

A beach style outfit isn’t complete without an eye-catching pattern. Nautical stripes are always a winner at the coast. Floral patterns add to the summery, carefree vibe, while polka dots add a whimsical and playful feel to an outfit. Use a tie-dye pattern to create a bohemian look that everyone will adore.

You don’t want to overdo it and look like a walking fabric shop, so stick to only one or two patterned pieces per outfit. 

6. Accessories

When visiting the beach, you need to choose your accessories carefully. 

Keep in mind that if you’re going to jump into the ocean, you shouldn’t wear any jewelry that can rust or tarnish. Woven bracelets are perfect for the beach and look great when layered up.

If you wear sunglasses to the beach, make sure they are polarised. Visit this link to brush up on the hottest sunglasses trends of 2021

These Beach Style Ideas Are Sure to Make a Splash

Packing for vacation is a breeze when you know what you want to wear. Turn the tide on your outdated coastal closet by trying out these fashionable beach style ideas. 

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