LOS ANGELES, Apr 27, 2011/ — This large vintage cotton duffle bag has enough room for weekend get-aways or daily gym routines. Embellished with aged and blackened metal studs, this bag is finding a new life within modern society by re-entering under a new peaceful light.

Made of very strong cotton its top opening is garnished by an extra flap which closes with its original metal snaps making this a secure traveling bag.

The bag is loved for its devilish looks and sex appeal, black is always a very strong statement color and this is only a reinforced concept in this case.

Inside the outer layer/flap a double brass strong zipper emerges, easily opened by pulling the tastefully knotted cotton straps, slightly hand burned branding is found on the outside central panels and top, making this a light strong bag to carry.

Modern with a touch of vintage aura, another great piece from the now growing +Beryll family of accessories and must haves.

Need we say it is hand crafted by good people in Los Angeles?
Yes we do.

The Duffle Bag, Vintage cotton adorned with hardware, Handcrafted by good people in the USA
Sizes : L 22” x W 10” x H 14”

Colors: Black
Suggested Retail price in USD 275.00