datura and hm

LOS ANGELES, Feb 2, 2014/ — You read it right – Innerwear is the new outerwear. From lace bras to silk and velvet fabrics, lingerie inspired pieces are no longer just for the bedroom, it’s the new wardrobe staple. Datura, a web only brand that offers superior quality and timeless pieces that feel like a second skin, and H&M has got you covered!

So for you all you Christian Grey lovers who are still looking for the perfect lingerie pieces pay close attention.

Wearing lingerie-inspired pieces might be a bit out of your comfort zone but trust us – there are many ways to fuse these pieces into your everyday wardrobe.

Lets start with the Silk Velvet Tank top ($170) paired with the Oversize Mudssue Silk Velvet Pants ($200).

To add to the monochromatic look while keeping the look classy, throw on the silk velvet kimono ($240). Mixing fabrics can add a seductive feel and this H&M lingerie bra (14.95 EUR) does the trick. Like mixing fabrics, mixing metals adds something interesting to your look. Which is where H&M’s ring set, stackable bracelets and fringed necklace come in to play.

Throw H&M’s pastel blue cross body bag and nude matte lipstick on and your look is almost complete! We can’t forget the finishing touch – H&M’s black strappy heels. Throw these bad boys on and you will have those Christian Grey’s double taking you in no time!