As lovers of all things fashion and lifestyle it makes sense that we also love shopping in gorgeously designed high end luxury boutiques.

What many of you may not know are the secrets and tricks that some of our favorite designers use to get us to purchase more than we set out to purchasing. As if we really needed a reason to buy more things.

Here are a few tricks of the trade that our favorite companies and designers bank on every time we walk into a retail store.

Store Design

The overall design concept of many luxury retail boutiques will vary from company to company and designer to designer but most of them do have a few common denominators. Peter Marino may be one of them.

Additionally, the design of each store focuses on providing an amazingly pleasing aesthetic experience for shoppers and clients, an even more impactful and compelling way to present the gorgeous ready-to-wear and other designs and of course to get you to buy. And buy you will.

Many retailers have this down to a science and they hire interior design dream teams to execute this science with close attention paid to every single detail. Having amazing and desirable product is just not enough, it must be presented in a compelling and purposeful way.

Visual Merchandising Strategies

Once the stores are laid out, built and ready to open for business, the visual merchandising teams swoop in and take care of the company’s vision of just how their collections should be presented. Visual merchandising directives are usually artistic and tell the story that the designer want to convey to his or her client.

The stories that are presented could be tied to a specific season, or design element within a collection. The story could be based on the inspiration behind the collection, or an intangible artistic concept.

Whatever the story may be your favorite designers and fashion companies have teams of highly talented individuals working to tell their stories through the execution of beautiful in-store display. The stories work to elicit an emotional response from the shopper and we all know the power that emotions have on our shopping habits.

We respond to many different things and aesthetic, color and visual cues all work together to make us respond by opening our wallets.

Concept of Scarcity

Have you ever noticed that when you go into super high end luxury stores there is usually just one or two sizes in any one style displayed on any of the racks?
Well most of you fashion girls probably already know this little trick but for those of you that don’t, the concept behind it is simple.

Most designers want to see their collections presented in a clean manner without too much going on around them, for example a full size on the rack.

Another reason is that the stores and the store teams want to create the concept of scarcity. If you absolutely love an item and you believe that there are only those few sizes available to you, you will want it more and most likely make an immediate purchase. It’s a trick that we have all succumbed to at one point or another and it works like a charm.
Look around your favorite boutique for evidence of these tricks of the trade the next time you go shopping!!