Did you know that the anti-aging industry will be worth around $48 billion within the next 5 years?

Lots of people are focused on the treatment for wrinkles, instead of understanding the science behind aging. If we learn about the underlying issues, then we can take steps to keep our skin as youthful as possible.

So what causes facial wrinkles anyway? Keep reading to learn about 5 reasons why your skin may be aging.

1. Sun Damage

One of the top wrinkle prevention tips is to never leave the house without applying sunscreen. Even though this step in your skincare routine can be annoying, the results are always worth the effort.

The reason why the sun is so harmful is that UV rays break down our body’s ability to create strong and healthy collagen. If you aren’t a fan of traditional sunscreen, then you can at least opt for foundations that have SPF protection.

2. Repetitive Facial Movements

Another way you can cause premature wrinkles is by moving your facial muscles too much. Doing things like squinting, pursing your lips, or looking down at your phone can create unattractive wrinkles on your face and neck.

A popular solution to this issue is to get dermal fillers. This procedure is affordable, minimally invasive, and effective at taking years off your appearance.

3. Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking is terrible for your overall health. From cancer concerns to losing lung capacity and more, there are tons of reasons why you should never pick up this bad habit.

When it comes to your skin, smoking makes it harder for your body to produce new collagen. As collagen production slows drastically, more wrinkles will appear.

4. A Poor Diet

Our bodies need a variety of nutrients to stay vibrant and energized. The unfortunate truth is that the standard western diet lacks many vital nutrients.

Fruits and vegetables are always helpful due to their high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and water content that keeps our skin hydrated. Whole grains, wholesome fats, and lean proteins will also benefit your health.

5. A Lack of Sleep

It’s strange to think about how we sleep a large portion of our lives. While it is tempting to stay up late to squeeze in extra television shows or scroll through social media, your skin will thank you if you prioritize your beauty sleep.

Getting enough sleep will give your body the time it needs to repair your skin.

What Causes Facial Wrinkles? Now You Know the Facts

Have you ever wondered, “What causes facial wrinkles?” If so, this guide has all the information you need to understand your skin and slow down the aging process.

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