With 2020 out of the way, what does the world of fashion look like for the new year ahead? For many people, the reality of the global pandemic that has rocked the world still looms over them. But this does not seem to have put a dampener on the trend forecast in fashion for 2021. 

If anything, the fashion industry has adapted to the current environment and taken inspiration from circumstances. This has had a direct impact on some of the top trends we’ll see in fashion this year. Think statement outdoor wear, metallics, oversized denim, tropical-inspired resort wear, and so much more. 

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A Fashion Trend Forecast: How to Find Your Style in 2021 

Not to harp on about the year 2020, but if it taught us anything, it’s that starting over is the ”new cool”. This means that in 2021, the old rules of fashion no longer apply — almost anything goes.

Dressing up may not be a top priority just yet, but it’s always a great pick-me-up, and who doesn’t want something to look forward to, right? Here are some of the top fashion trends to keep an eye on that sum up the world’s current mood:

1. Pink is the New Black 

If there is one color that screams optimism, it’s hot pink. While black always will be a classic color staple, the color pink is set to take 2021 by storm. This includes a huge array of pink shades, from watermelon pink to fuchsia, hot pink, and pastel pink. 

You can expect to see dresses for all occasions in this bright, punchy shade. With spring just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere, this color could not be more season-appropriate.  

2. Take it Outdoors, But Make it Fashion 

As outdoor gatherings grow in popularity, because this is one of the best ways to actually see your friends and family in today’s day and age, so does the popularity of outdoor attire. Rain, shine, wind, or snow, the classic windbreaker should become a wardrobe staple for 2021. 

You should be able to find an assortment of trendy windbreaker styles, offered in primary colors such as black and white. While some are set to be extra-long and oversized or more fitted and cropped. Windbreakers are great for all weather conditions and some even offer much-needed UV protection for your time spent outdoors. 

Looking for more on UV-protective clothing for yourself or your loved ones? Check it out here. 

3. The Oversized Button-Down

The next time you question wearing one of your husband/partner/or father’s shirts — don’t. This is because the oversized, button-down shirt is in for 2021.

Alternatively, don’t be afraid to shop in the men’s section, or order yourself a double-XL so that you can do it up as a dress or wear it over jeans. It’s all about the cool, casual, billowing silhouette. 

4. Petals for Spring? Groundbreaking

Whether it’s coming up to spring in your part of the world or not, be prepared for a flourish of petal prints. In 2021, the concept of ”less is more” does not apply. Petal prints are set to be impactful and bolder, and brighter than ever. 

Small petal prints aren’t the order of the day, either. Instead, designers are opting for large floral motifs in sunny yellows, neon shades, and incandescent pinks. 

5. Don’t Waste Your Waist 

It doesn’t matter what size waist you have, in 2021 it’s all about showing it off. This year, creating shape will be one of the hottest trends to take over the fashion world. 

While waist belts are hardly anything new or innovative, they are making a strong resurgence with one main priority: don’t waste the shape you have by covering it up. Cinch it in, and flaunt it!  

6. Khaki is the New Cool 

While denim has taken center stage for many a year, khaki is the new cool. Instead of defaulting to your favorite pair of jeans, another top trend is to set to be khakis in a range of cool, toned-down shades. 

Some may say that khakis look like chinos and only belong on schoolboys, but a high-fashion and trendy version is set to be popular in 2021, specifically an oversized, slouchy version.   

7. Oversized Denim

Well, you can’t get rid of good-old denim that easily, can you? No list of fashion trends would be complete without a trend related to denim. In 2021, skinny jeans are a thing of the past, and oversized, loose-fitting, high-waisted denim is in. Praise be! 

Oversized denim jeans are set to sport wide-leg and wide-ankle styles and are best-paired with corset-style tops, tight-fitting vests, or that over-sized, button-down shirt we mentioned earlier.

8. Silvery Metallics

The shinier, the better this year! Silvery metallic shades are all the rage in 2021. Whether it’s shiny, silver sequins, metallic-look pleather, or mirrored silver fabrics, this eye-catching shade intends to turn heads. 

From turtle necks to trousers, to moto jackets, and even statement dresses, this year is all about being seen. 

9. Day Dream Resort Wear 

If there is anything that many people can relate to over the past year, it’s dreaming about or reminiscing over travel. If you don’t live near the ocean, now you can channel your inner daydreams for a beach vacation through your wardrobe. 

Many designers chose the word ”escapism” to describe their 2021 collections, and rightly so. You can expect to see a swath of tropical-inspired attire, from pool and beach-side resort wear to bright and colorful dresses, men’s shirts, high-end beach bags, espadrilles, and more. 

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These are just a few of the most popular things you can expect to see in this year’s fashion trend forecast. Whether you plan on sticking to sweats or dressing up for the fun of it this year, we hope this article has been a source of inspiration. 

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