No21 MF14 (21)MILAN, Jan 10, 2014/ — From Molière’s “Le Bourgeois gentilhomme” to Karl Marx’s definition of the Bourgeoisie as an economic class of great societal influence, the bourgeois which had its origins in the 500 A.D. has survived up to the 21st century now known as the Middle Class.

They can be the yuppies drinking in your neighborhood Starbucks or they might be the hedge fund managers at Wall Street. Whether they are owners of oil fields in Texas or your Silicon Valley millionaire, the Bourgeoisie continues to be an economic force up to today.

So it’s not surprising that designers will dress them. After all, today’s Bourgeois gents are fashion alert and very much aware of his own style identity; which, by the way is the concept behind the N°21 collection this season.

Twenty-one looks where eclectic taste meets bourgeois equilibrium, classic and sporty moods intersect, the men’s wardrobe finds points of interest in the women’s. And details play with a fanciful sense of surprise.

Double-breasted coats, parkas, duffel-coats, aviator jackets dominate. Pants are sleek and slim fit while sweatshirts and jaspé sweaters are done in unusual yarns.

Prints drew inspiration from decorative arts and classic upholstery fabrics: all for hunting-scene failles, toile de jouy cotton poplins. Shirts, sweats and tees with a Pop Art flair. Flannels are proposed in plaid and check patterns.